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The line made to encourage everyone to embrace their natural curls; the embodiment of identity and confidence.

About Us & Benefits

Introduced in 2019, the rëzo haircare product line includes a Curl Control Shampoo, CurlControl Conditioner, Curl Define Hair Gel, and a silicone free Curl Define Hair Serum, each infused with black tea to promote hair growth.Sourcing the highest quality and most ethically sound plant-based ingredients, rëzo products are 100% vegan, sulfate and paraben free, and formulated to be both ultra-hydrating and weightless for all textured hair types.

Product Benefits:

Formulated without paraben & sulfates: Our sulfate free shampoo does not contain parabens or petroleum, two ingredients that lead to dryness, causing an itchy, dehydrated scalp.

All of our ingredients are certified cruelty-free. There hasn’t been any exploitation or animal use in our product by or on the behalf of the company. 

Vegan: Our Rezo Black Tea Curl Control Shampoo is vegan. Our shampoo has not and will not be tested on animals.

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rëzo Hair Care for all textures


The rëzo Diffuser sped up my dry time and is so well made as compared to my Amazon one. It never slips off my dryer and I highly recommend!

-Jasmine, Atlanta

The gel is lightweight, leaves my 4C hair looking hydrated, and doesn’t flake. It’s the only styling product I use. I’m obsessed!

Stephanie, Florida

rëzo Hair Care manages my curls while feeding them. My hair feels so much healthier.

Kimberly, Seattle

I’ve never used a serum for my hair before rëzo. I use the Serum to rehydrate my curls everyday now!

Patricia, Michigan

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